We make sure our clients get the right quantity.


Fuel Oil is a big part of a vessels’s exploitation, we all know the prices of Fuel Oil and Gas Oil. A vessel can not sail without it, when you order fuel for your vessel you want to make sure that the vessel is receiving the proper amount, we take care of the soundings of the vessels tanks before and after the bunkering, we ullage the delivering barge before and after discharging the Fuel Oil or Diesel Oil.


We can also analyse the Fuel for you, then you know you'll get the product according specifications prescribed. We have close contacts with laboratories specialised in analyzing all Fuel oils.


The client gets a full report which includes timesheets, vessel soundings, barge soundings and we can assist you when there is a dispute about quantity.


Conducting a Bunker Survey: 


•             Identify and records the number and Depth of Tank, Reference Heights.

•             Records the quantity of bunker on-board when the ship arrives at Port (arrival Condition) as per Engine Log Book.

•             Sounding each Oil Tank and records the level of Oil on the tank. Attached the sounding Tape with Oil Paste to make easy and clear to                   show of oil level.

•             Check the Ship’s Draft Marks to get the Ship Trim for Trim correction, and check the ship Inclination or Listing for List                                              Correction, that is required to calculate the Tank Quantity Table 

•             Taken Oil sample, check temperature and oil density, Calculations, this stage will involve the Sounding level of each tank,                                         Ship’s Trim and List, Tank Quantity Table (provided by Ship’s Chief Engineer), Oil Density and Temperature, ASTM Table 54B.