Jadon B.V. will always offer you expert advice on the best balance of our products, effectiveness, planning and price. The objective is to generate maximum performance with minimal loss of time. We always consider all the options, to find the best specific solutions for your business.


A solution for every cargo


We treat cargos in a variety of ways:


·         in-line during loading or discharge

·         on the vessel tank-by-tank

·         during STS operation

·         in tank


Our expertise and extensive database allow us to devise fast solutions for everyday problems as well as new challenges.

Jadon B.V. will customize our blend of additives on demand to suit your needs. It’s all about offering you fast responses and quick action – for a maximally efficient, solution-oriented additivation process.

We want to make sure you can keep on going, maximizing the value of your cargos as needed. And if the additives supplied do not have the intended effect on your products’ specifications, we will collaborate closely with you to find the best possible alternative solution.

Staying ahead


As your business opportunities develop, we can adjust the preferred fuel specifications to suit your trading flow, adding value at every step. We allow you to stay in control, with up-to-the-minute insights and customized solutions that help to secure your lead in the market.