Hit the Road

From an envelope to 30 tons of goods. We as JADON B.V. transport it all and that as quickly as possible. At home and abroad, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Obviously within the agreed term with the appropriate service.


Our employees are aware of this and know that they have to be on stand-by. One minute they are still at home, five minutes later they are in the car or truck to, for example, pick up a load of ADR goods and take them to the South of France. Flexibility is therefore very important within our corporate culture.

Your logistics wishes are our mission

In a constantly changing market requires your logistics to correspond with this. From door-to-door monitoring of your shipments to taking care of your needs and meeting your requests, our team is ready.

Your logistics partner

Our team is committed to managing your logistics matters as well as possible and is deepening into your logistics wishes and requirements. Your own account manager eliminates misunderstandings or mistakes.

Ocean Freight

JADON B.V. its close and warm relationship with all major shipping companies gives you the advantage of competitive rates without compromising the desired sailing schedule of space.


To ensure that your goods sail for competitive sea freight and on schedule, JADON has tariff agreements and space guarantees with many shipping companies. These agreements are made by JADON B.V.  annually, quarterly and also monthly. But also for the lowest bargain price, JADON is supplied daily to its worldwide partners.