We specialize in providing wholesale products delivered across the globe via our group of companies. As official distributors, our relationship with our suppliers is the motivation that drives our daily activities in our growing food sector. 

Our range of products are produced by top international reputable manufacturers focusing on high quality products for exportation. We offer and maintain the highest regulatory standards worldwide as well as competitive pricing.


* Sugar ICUMSA 45

* Raw Sugar

* Beet Sugar

* Frozen poultry 

* Beef - Different meats available upon request.

* Nuts

* Corn 

* Wheat

* Animal feed

* Soybean

* Milk (powder, fresh)

* Cooking oils

* Dry pasta

* Flours including Durum and Almond


White label available for certain products.


Additional food products are available upon request. Please inquire.


UREA: We service our global clients in the agriculture sector with premium UREA